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It died :-(

Text in preparation...[edit]


Invitation to a preparatory picnic.

They say we are citizens (Austrian, European, ...) but rather we feel like shitizens. We experience an attack on our social rights, and some of us don't have political rights. We work here, live here, pay taxes here, but many of us cannot vote here and cannot decide about the politicians that question our right to unemployment money, family aid, and "Mindestsicherung". We are told that our contributions are not wanted. Some of us can even be deported anytime.

We fight for everything for everyone: for equal access to social and political rights!

Citizenship instead of shitizenship!

We want to collect our experiences of shitizenship, so we invite you to a preparatory picnic on Tuesday July 4th, to bring together a big assembly in the beginning of November 2017, the SHITIZEN ASSEMBLY.

Regardless of who you are and what your status is in Austria, tell us about your situation and let's discuss!

Time: Tuesday July 4th from 18:00 on

Open assembly from 19:00 to 20:30

Place: Jesuitenwiese, 1020 Wien. Look out for our pink banner: "Everything for everyone. Precarity has no borders".

Bring food and drinks. Sharing is caring.

About Precarity Office

In 2013 we opened a monthly space for giving mutual advice about labour- and migration related issues and for discussing and developing self-organisation practices. Precarity Office is an initiative of a variety of people: some of us are from the Prekaer Café, JuventudSinFuturo/MareaGranate Vienna, Solidarity4All Vienna and others. As migrants and/or precarious workers we perceive the need for a space to get and give informal advice, meet and discuss, hear about our respective struggles and develop them further. We call this space the 'Precarity Office' - inspired by similar self-organised initiatives in Spain, Italy and beyond - and are open once a month (first Tuesday of the month in the W23 - Wipplingerstrasse 23, 1010 Vienna).

Anyone is welcome to join us to get and share information or advice, for a tea or beer, to discuss precarious living and working conditions, experiences of crisis and migration, as well as strategies for struggling together. We're not official legal advisors but persons engaged in campaigns around labour rights, migration and the current crisis. We speak many different languages, are happy to translate and try our best to make useful information accessible. We would love you to share your knowledges, skills and questions and join us. From this space we are hoping to see a network grow, through which we can support each other and collaborate.

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