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(es:) Mi futura tesis doctoral (en preparación).

(en:) My future doctoral dissertation (work in progress). It will contain:

Working title: Functional and evolutionary ecology of a thiotrophic bacterium-protist mutualism

  1. Dedicatory
  2. Introduction (15-20 pages)
  3. Chapter 1: 2014 review on Zoothamnium niveum mutualism (coauthorship)
  4. Chapter 2: 2018 article on Zoothamnium niveum mutualism nutrition (coauthorship)
  5. Chapter 3: 2019 article on Zoothamnium niveum phenotypic plasticity (coauthorship)
  6. Chapter 4: 2022 article on Zoothamnium niveum mutualism response to sulfide starvation (first authorship)
  7. Chapter 5: 2022 article on Candidatus Endoriftia persephone closed genome (coauthorship)
  8. Chapter 6: Submitted article on Candidatus Thiobius zoothamnicola and Milos strain ODIII6 draft genomes (first authorship)
  9. Chapter 7: Written article on phylogeny and functional capabilities of thiotrophic Chromatiales (first authorship)
  10. Epilogue: Remaining tasks. Population genomics and maintenance mechanism of Zoothamnium niveum mutualism.
  11. Summary