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Here I put stuff of relevance in my PhD.

Sumary timeline[edit]


  • Doolittle and Bapteste speak for inclusion of network techniques.


  • Bapteste et al. find with heatmaps no congruency in ortholog gene sets, failing to support tree-thinking.


  • Charlebois and Doolittle "rescue the core from extinction".


  • Gogarten et al. kills 16S trees.
"... tree-like phylogenies are inadecuate to represent the pattern of prokaryotic evolution at any level."
  • Wolf et al. explicitly state the statistical central trend tree of life:
"However, the concept of the Tree of Life is bound to change in the post-genomic world. It cannot be thought as a definitive 'species tree' (something that does not even exist in reality) but only as a central trend in the ritch patchwork of evolutionary history, replete with gene loss and horizontal transfer events." (emphasis added)


  • Woese vaguelly suggests the statistical central trend tree of life:
"Their aboriginal evolutionary histories have been severely jumbled by horizontal gene flow, yet, in the aggregate, their phylogenetic trees retain clear vestiges of the ground structure of the universal tree."


  • Maddison et al. describe the gene trees in the species trees.


SliceID SliceName
1 Bacterial species
2 Phylogeny
3 Sulfur oxidation
4 Metagenomics
5 Genome annotation
6 Tree of life
7 Standards
8 Anomaly zone
9 Genomes
10 Phylogenetic networks
11 Citation networks
12 Reproducibility
13 Substitution model selection
14 Orthology
15 Synteny
16 Bacterial systematics


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